Monday, October 14, 2013


I like the word conundrum. It just feels fun to say it. Conundrum. Did you know the first time it was used was in 1645? Me neither. Just one of those weird facts that pop up when you look up a word in the dictionary. Contiguous is another fun word to say. That word popped up in 1609. Can you tell I can't sleep? It's 11:30 pm Eastern Standard Time and I have to get kids off to school early in the morning, but in the meantime  I guess we'll go back to conundrum

I have a bit of a conundrum. My friends would probably not think it a conundrum, but I do. What do I write now. I've been pondering that for a bit, and I've been told I should do some free writing. I suppose I could. I could post more to this blog than once a month, but I really like to have something to say and not post just for posting's sake. Maybe I should just peruse my dictionary for some funny words and blog about them. That might be fun. I don't know.

I was going to write the G.W. mysteries, but I think I'm thinking about those to much. Maybe I'm overthinking the whole story and should just sit at my computer and see what comes out. I was trying to plan a bit and sort of create a world, and well, it's just not working for me. Like I said, I'm overthinking a bit. Also, since I wrote the original story for my dad with him as the main character, I'm not sure I'm ready to make all the changes I had planned to make for it to be a young adult novel with the main character a girl. Sometimes it makes me realize how much I miss him. He passed away several years ago.

Then I was going to work on Amy Dodd, and one of my friends said it sounded a lot like Fat Farm. I don't agree since it is a totally different story with a totally different outcome. I can't speak for all writers but I tend to put a piece of myself in my stories, and Amy Dodd is no different. Sometimes I work out feelings that are troubling me through the actions of my characters. I did that in Fat Farm. I was angry and I let it all out.

Amy Dodd is not an angry story. I started it many years ago, and really feel it needs to be updated and finished. This one would be more about bullying and the ramifications of those actions. Do I plan this out or just write by the seat of my pants.

The next set of stories is a bit more intimidating. I wanted to do Bible stories for middle grades. I want it to be Biblical, but creative and entertaining as well. It would be a series of books based on certain stories in the Bible like Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, etc. So I was thinking...what kind of conversations would Adam and Eve have with God. Is the snake one of God's creations, if so, did God give it free will as well? How come it talked. Did the other animals talk as well? If the snake was not from God. how did the snake get into the garden to tempt Eve with the apple. It's a conundrum. See

So much stuff in my head and not knowing where to start.  A conundrum of conundrums. Fun, fun.

I'll let you know what happens.

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