Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Introverted Bookstore

I was thinking. I know it's dangerous, but a thought occurred to me today. As some of you know, I work part-time in an independent book store. I love my job. The owner is one of my good friends who supports me in my writing endeavors. On the third Tuesday of the month, we have an Indie-author open house where independent authors can come share their stories and sell their books. This past Tuesday was the one for March. The store was filled with wonderful and the atmosphere was fun and welcoming. We had a severe thunderstorm hit as the event was ending and one of the authors helped us get the store in order while he waited for the storm to pass. We have a great community of authors.

My participation in 2016
Wednesday, after the storm, the store was quiet. The Mahjong group came in and played. I love hearing the murmur of conversation while I work. They're a nice group of people. Since I wasn't that busy, my writer brain wandered.   

Can bookstores be introverts?

I wonder how many of avid book readers are introverts? I know I am.  I could sit on my couch, curled up in a cozy blanket, with a cat in my lap and read for hours. No music, no TV, just the soft swish of a turning page. 

So, is my bookstore an introvert?

Well…yes, and no.

I think it likes the people coming in, browsing through the stacks. I think it likes customers sitting in the chairs leafing through the pages trying to find that perfect book. I think it likes the book clubs that meet and discuss the plot and characters of the latest novel. I think it likes the writers' groups that meet to hone their craft. I think it likes the chaos of a book signing, and the indie author event where the appreciation for the craft of writing is shared.  

I also think it likes the quiet after the storm. I think it likes to take the time to breathe between big events and parties. I think it likes the serenity of books on the shelves. I think it loves soaking up that creative energy and passing it along to our readers and future writers.

That is my bookstore and I'm glad to be there.