Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finally...a Website and Other Stuff

Stuff. I like stuff. Stuff can be fun. Stuff can be cluttering. So what stuff am I talking about? Writing stuff. I now have my author Facebook page. I now have a Twitter account, and I now have a website. What other stuff do I need. I need a good story.

I'm not liking how Pete and Virgil is coming along. I'm now sure why. It doesn't seem fun. Of course,  the adventure they are having is not really fun, but I thought there would be more comedy in the story. I want more comedy in the story. It's just not there yet. I'm going to finish it, set it aside for a bit, and look at it again. I did that with Fat Farm. I started that story 20 different times in 20 different ways before I liked what I wrote. The whiney baby in me wants it to be right, right now. It's going to take work and then I'll like it.

I kind of want to work on Simon and the Sweet Pea Root now instead of Pete and Virgil. I have the original hard copy with all the edits and I'm transferring it onto my computer. I'm making even more changes as I go. I work on Pete and Virgil for a while, then I type some of Simon. Maybe they will both be ready at the same time. We'll see.

See my head is cluttered with stuff! There are so many stories to tell that it is hard to focus on one. I can't sleep at night because stories are floating around in my head. It's great and awful at the same time. It seem that since I made the decision to be more focused on my writing and be more disciplined the stories are just pouring out. I just can't type fast enough to get them all down. So for now, I'm telling my brain the stories will be told. All in good time.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Story of Simon

I found my story of Simon the Cat. I wrote it 20 years ago for my sister, who was having her first child. I put all of our pets that we have had over the years as characters in the story.

When I started telling people about this story, they were appalled. In the story, the baby gets sick, and the animals find a cure. Well, people were just giving me grief about the whole thing! "What if the baby get sick, etc." I almost stopped writing it, but I persevered and wrote the thing. I think my sister liked it. I think she was a little taken aback with the whole sick baby thing. I'm not sure. I don't even think I asked her. I did put together a book of poems and stories I had written for him, so I think I made up for that.

Working on the Pete and Virgil story started me thinking about this one since it was supposed to be a sequel. I actually found on an external drive where I started Simon as a sequel. But things change, people change and so on. I'm writing Pete and Virgil, but at the same time I am rewriting Simon and the Sweet Pea Root. I may give it a different title. One never knows.

And my sister's child? Well he has grown to be a renaissance man. He is about to graduate with a Masters from Georgia Tech, he's a talented photographer and musician, and likes to race cars. He has a very nice girlfriend who has a bunny named Dude. I may have to put Dude in the story. His name is just too cool.

That's all for now. I'll keep you updated. :-)