Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Evoluton of a Writer Part 5 - FUBARED? Get Out of the House!

See this explosion?
This was my summer plans. Yep, up they went in a giant fireball of FUBAR! Yes, the family went to Washington and we had a great time. That was the beginning. Now, we get to the middle and end.

I had big plans. I had lowered my work hours to write more, and spend time with the kids. I am intrigued by the paranormal and am writing a new series. The main character can see ghosts.

 My son and I were going to see some haunted places; maybe drag his sister along. It was going to be great fun. We were going to swim and I was going to write by the pool while they played. It was going to idyllic, so television series worthy. We were going to be the next perfect family. Nope.

Then, life happened. Doesn't it always? Plans changed. Time flew and all of a sudden, it was August. The two months the kids were out of school was gone. Where did it go?
I'm still pondering that little gem. What to do next? My go-to thing is to bake. I love making cookies, but with the heat here in Georgia this summer, that was out. I think that effected our plans a bit. What next?

I couldn't write. Too noisy in the house. Too much chaos. ERGGGG! I could yell at my kids all day, but that wasn't much fun. I turned to my computer.

So, I'm on my computer playing with Facebook when I got an e-mail. I got an invitation to attend the Killer Nashville Writer's Conference. The note said it was because of my short story, Philippa Marlowmellow in Mallow Mayhem. I was excited beyond belief. I looked them up and my heart sank a little. These were mystery, crime fighting, detective novelists. I thought about it. Philippa was a detective. My paranormal series will be solving mysteries. Okay, maybe I do belong there. When I looked at the workshops, http://www.killernashville.com I knew I had to go. I needed to get away from my normal chaos.

My friend and fellow writer Kayelle Allen went with me. We had a blast. I learned so much. I had started on my second Philippa Marlowmellow story and after what I learned, I had to throw it out and start again. We met nice people. Saw some great sights. One of my favorites was the naked dancing fairies. Sometimes groups will put clothes on them. I found that funny.

We visited the Parthenon. We wanted to go inside, but it was closed. We had planned to go back, but timing was off. I'm planning on going back next year and I will see the giant statue of Athena. 

I came back from Nashville jazzed. Ready to write again. Ready to tackle world building. Ready for another conference, so I really need to sell some books so I can go. I even got a part time job in an Indie book store. How cool is that! I'm around books all day. I will get to meet authors, traditionally published and Indies. I'm excited as to what will happen. 

I needed to step back and assess. Nashville helped me to do that. I was around like minded people. That creative energy seeped around and through me. Kayelle and I talked concept for one of her books on the way home. It was so fun to brainstorm and knock about ideas. 

If you're a writer, I highly encourage you to find a group. My Canton Writers peeps are my lifeline. I love them. They are the best. They encourage and challenge me. With them my FUBARs are only explosive and not nuclear, which is a good thing. 

Yes, conferences can be intimidating. Especially for an introverted newbie like me, but being with like-minded people flowing with creative energy helps with your own. If you can, go to a conference. It is well worth the time and money,

See ya next time.