Friday, January 8, 2016

Intentionality - Lisa Lesson 4,265,325,001

When I was younger I would screw up, or learn something new and I would tell my friends, "Lisa lesson number ... " whatever number I made up. We would laugh or cry, depending on the lesson and go on with our activity.

That brings me to this lesson. I don't make New Years resolutions. I used to, but I never kept them. Besides, my birthday is "my new year," so if I make a resolution I do it on my birthday. This year has been full of ups and downs, good and bad, and everything in between. The last few months of the year were especially hard as everything basically went to hell in a hand basket. But it's a new year. Time to step back, re-evaluate and move forward. So instead of a resolution, I'm going to have a New Years Theme. Lisa Lesson 4,265,325,001 is to live more intentionally.

How am I going to accomplish this? With a lot of help from my God, my family, and my friends. Here is what I am thinking:

1. Being more intention in my writing. 
Yeah, yeah. I've said that before. I think in almost every post I've done. But it bears repeating...every day. I've heard you should write every day. I don't. It's not for the lack of trying. Life interrupts. That is where being intentional comes in. I have, not want, to schedule time to write. Make it a priority. Just as much of a priority as my outside-of-writing job, and my family. My sister bought me this planner for Christmas. I thought it was the neatest thing. I may not write 100 stories this year, but maybe I can plan out 100 stories. I will be more intentional about my writing.

2. Be more intentional with my music.         I love playing my bass guitar, Kitty Blue. You wouldn't think it, but how much time I don't play. I decided that has to change. I am the weakest musician on the Praise Team, and I'm the only one who can change that. Music builds your brain. It takes brains to write. Music and writing compliment each other. It's a beautiful thing. 

3. Be more intentional about my health and wellness.
This is not an "I'm going to lose weight," although I need to do that. This is about taking care of myself. I'm bad about that. I do have health issues that need to be taken care of, and I tend to put myself last the list. I am diabetic so this means eating right. Moving. I don't move enough. I sit and write, I sit and stitch. My retail job helps with this, so that will be better. Drinking my water. During the hell of the last few months I started drinking diet sodas again. I hadn't had a soda in five years. I am stopping those sodas. Make time for myself to just be. Be in that zen area and relax.

4. Be more intentional about family.
I don't know if my family would like being out on the internet, so our cat Koko will represent them. After all, he is family too. Sometimes life just slaps you down and you get caught up in bills, work, all the "stuff." And that "stuff" changes how you interact with family. At least it did for me. I get cranky after work. My knees hurt, my feet hurt, etc., and I'm not me. I'm not going to let that happen. I bought my son an electric guitar for Christmas. He wanted to play and my nephew brought his guitar over and gave him a few tips before I bought one. I didn't want to spend the money if he wasn't going to play. This is something we can do together. I printed out tabs for a Linkin Park song that we're learning and we will play it together. It's going to be fun.

5. Last but certainly not least, be more intentional in my faith.
I love God. I love Jesus. As a Christian that means to be Jesus with skin on. I'm not going to go out and preach you're going to Hell if your not saved. I'm not that way. To me, being a Christian is to love like Jesus loved. To care for people, help people no matter who they are. It's not my job to judge people. It's my job to love people. Am I perfect? No freakin' way! I'm just as messed up as the next person, but I try my best to be the best person I can be.

This is my theme for the year. I will let you know how I do along the way. It is my hope that all of you have a wonderful and best 2016!


  1. The way you live out your #5 is one of the reasons I love you, Lisa. You are my Jesus-with-skin-on. (hugs) You are also an awesome writer. Keep going! You can do this.