Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Logo! New Website! Yippee!

Meet the phoenix - my new logo. Isn't it pretty! I have always been fascinated by the mythology of the phoenix. A bird that resurrects from its ashes, being reborn time and time again. That's how I feel throughout different phases of my life. I grow and am reborn- hopefully into a much better person. That's my goal. 

Writing is the same way. As we figure out who we want to be as a writer, we go through that rebirth. We build the nest and are comfortable in who we are, only to find out we have to burn it and become something new. Something better. And we rise from the ashes. 

How many have you done that in life. Rose from the ashes of something less to be stronger. A better person than you were before? 

Yes, this is a short post today. I wanted to introduce you to my new logo, and invite you to visit my website LisaHaman.com to see its new look. I want to thank Kayelle Allen of the Author's Secret, theauthorssecret.com for my lovely new logo.

I found this great video on YouTube. I love the images and the music.  The title is The Mythology of the Phoenix? I hope you enjoy.

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  1. I'm excited for you! It's wonderful to be part of someone's success. If I can help in anyway, I'm glad to do it.