Monday, February 3, 2014

New Year - New Outlook

Okay, so I'm late on my New Year's post. I had to think of something to say - right? I have decided this year to be more intentional about writing. You say, "I probably should have been like that all along." Well, true, but I have let some aspects of life get in the way. Life still may get in the way, but I won't let it distract me quite so much.

I have joined a writing group. They are a group of like-minded people who I can converse and learn more about my craft. I have set up my Twitter account. Now to get followers. I have a Pinterest board to help market my books. Now I have to set up my author face book page and set up a website. I'm pretty jazzed about this.

What am I working on now? The story of Pete and Virgil. A couple of squirrels who want to part of the Royal Flying Squirrel Squad (say that 10 times fast) and chose the wrong way to do it. Can they fix their mistake? Or will everyone, and I mean everyone suffer the consequences.

Stay tuned!

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