Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Building Worlds - Creating Characters

As you  can read I got a new computer - Yay me!!! It has Windows 8 and a few cool bells and whistles that I'm still trying to get used to. But so far I like it. What that means is that it is time to get back to writing. I have been putting it off a bit, (No I'm not addicted to Candy Crush ;-) ), because I'm thinking,  and what I've been thinking about is world building.

I think with this new story, G. W. Sanders,  that I may actually have to do a little world building. I'm not much into world building, but some of my friends are. I know I've said that I "write by the seat of my pants." Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm learning it really depends on the kind of story you want to write. With this story I will be bringing in historical references and I need to make sure they are correct and fit in with my story. There are parts of the story that reference a journal, and although the whole journal will not be in the story, enough of it will that I am going to have to write the journal before I get to far into the story. (Don't you just love run on sentences?) Hence, the world building.

Another thing about this particular story is that I may actually have to do an outline. I have another friend that does that one. I have a story in my head and I usually just write it down. Now I may actually plan pieces of this one. Heaven forbid! My friends and I have had discussions on this before and they may actually get a chuckle from this.

So it begins. My research, my world building, my outlining and character building. It's all going to be an adventure. My adventure is probably going to start at the Kennesaw House on the square in Marietta. The museum has research materials so I can find out how life was in the 19th century. It's also reported to be haunted. Maybe a ghost will show up to add to this little adventure. We will see.

Grace and Peace be with all of you.

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