Monday, May 6, 2013

The Seven Dreaded Beeps

I turned on my computer last night and got the beeps. Nothing, no screen, no nothing. Just seven beeps in a row. My computer passed out. I'm composing this on my husband's computer. I'm not sure if my computer is just in a coma or if it is really dead. I'm going to take it to the computer doctor to find out for sure. According to all the information I could find the seven deadly beeps means the motherboard is bad.  And that means it's dead. I just want to cry. I live by my computer. I started a new short story for a project and have written about a 1000 words and I can't get to it. ARRRGHHH! AND to top it off, I just bought a new battery and power cord. I just got those in last week. I hope I can send them back, if my computer is indeed dead.

I normally write stories and outlines on paper first because I'm pretty old school, but not this time. This time I composed my little heart out on my laptop. I was pretty pleased at finishing about half of the story. I figured it was going to be about 2000 to 3000 words. And now I can't get to it. Hopefully the data can be retrieved because the problem is not the hard drive. If not, I'll have to try to recreate it. And that's going to be be a bug.

Well, at least the outline for G. W. is on old fashioned paper. Maybe I ought to get out my typewriter. :-)

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