Monday, April 15, 2013

G.W. Sanders - Harder than I thought

I feel like telling a story should be easy. You have this idea and then you put it down on paper. Yay!! Then you have a friend read it and they say, "that doesn't make sense." And you think, sure it does. Well, to you it does, but maybe not to your reader. That is what I am coming across with this new book. I know what story I want to tell, but it has to make sense in some way, shape, or form. I learned a lot when I had my writing friends read Fat Farm. I believe their comments helped shape the book and made it a better story instead of the angry ramblings of an obese woman. So now I'm using what I have learned in the new G.W. Sanders book.

I would say I'm a "write by the seat of my pants" type of writer. I don't really build worlds, I just write the story. I think with this one I may have to do a little world building just so it makes sense to other people other than just me.

I have done some characterization and realized I'm going to have to be careful or my side-kick/best friend Zoe can take over the story. This makes me realize I need to work on the character of G.W. a little more. I need to go more into who she is, why she is like that and how her past circumstances effect her.

Then there is Justin. He's the character giving me more fits than the others. He's a good kid, but the circumstances surrounding him are what is giving me pause. It's his character that doesn't make sense and it is his character that is the reason to build the world. So instead of just sitting down and telling the story, I have a little more work to do. I guess I had better get to it.

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