Friday, June 17, 2016

Bigfoot, Vampires, and Werewolves....OH MY!

I'm on a trip to the Pacific Northwest, Washington, to be more specific. I'm writing this from the hotel's computer. It's our family vacation. I was born up here and I wanted to show my children where I came from.

As we were driving through Mt. Ranier National Park I realized why so many fantasy stories take place in the Pacific Northwest. It's beautiful. It's majestic. And most of all, it's mysterious. Old growth forests protected by moss. Lush green vegetation enveloped the forest floor. Mushrooms and wildflowers covered fallen trees, and waterfalls flowed into streams and small rivers

 There is a sense of spirit here. A feeling that you're close to God in His truest form. A place to commune with nature. There is a closeness to the One.

We had no cell service on the mountain. Tourists from all over the world were at the Paradise Lodge doing what we were doing, admiring the mountain. Feeling the heart of the earth.

The mysteriousness is perfect. The sense of solitude. A place to get lost. Perfect for Bigfoot. The eerie, dark forest with little light shining through. Perfect for vampires.  The wilderness, wild and free; perfect for werewolves. The Pacific Northwest is a mystical place where fantasy can be seen. A secretive place full of monsters, fairies, and Bigfoot. A place that is wild and scary and I would go back in a heartbeat.

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