Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh The Places I Will Not Live....

Do you ever sit in your living room watching TV or reading a book and some weird random thought pops into your head? That happened to me and my husband. We read a lot of the same fantasy books, and watch the same television shows. We like a lot of the same adventure movies. I don't remember what we were watching, but things were getting blown up, monsters on the loose, or something.
Me: We can't live there.
Husband: Why not?
Me: To much destruction.

So this led to a conversation of places we cannot live.


Yes, I know it's not a real place, but think about it. The crime rate is astronomical. The criminal element is one of the worst around.  They've got Two-Face, and the Riddler. And the psychotic Joker and Then you have the vigilante element. The man who runs around in a cape and cowl. Batman. He's just as dangerous as the psycho criminals. Holy Property Damage Batman! Think about your property taxes in that place.

Courtesy of Didler Weemaels


No to Metropolis. Yeah, I know Superman is cool, but seriously? How does one good man/alien attract such a bad element? I Googled Superman's enemies and the list is so long, I can't post it. My goodness. The ones I am familiar with are Lex Luthor, Braniac, Bizarro, and General Zod. So, with the ones I know, and that REALLY, REALLY long list, you take your life into your own hands living in Metropolis.

Starling City and Central City

I combined these two because their shows cross over. In Starling City we have The Arrow, a hooded masked man who goes around killing people who have "failed this city."  I only have experience with the television show, so the villains I am familiar with are Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn, and Ra's al Ghul. Once again, I'm on Google and the comic book villains abound. Can I really live in a city where there are arrows flying, earthquake machines destroying the city and the crazed League of Assassins? I think not.

The Flash lives in Central City. He's a nice young man who got his powers with a supercharged bolt of lightening caused by an explosion at S.T.A.R. labs. He runs around helping people. So, what of the others who got with the supercharged explosion. Central City has some pretty nasty villains called Metahumans. They are rather insane and use their powers for evil. If I can't have a super power, then I'm not living in a city full of Metahumans where death and destruction abound.

By now, you may be thinking, "These are all make-believe. She's so full of it." That may be true, but now we get down to the nitty gritty. The REAL places.

New York

New York? Yes, New York. The Avengers, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, and others live in that fair city. And so do their villains. The city may be dirty enough, but you will have Spidey webs everywhere, destruction, doomsday devices. My goodness, can you imagine the taxes you would have to pay to live there? Seriously, I could go to work one day and everything be fine. Come home and find my living room exposed and my cat hanging from the ceiling after a big battle. Nope, not living in New York.


Any Dr. Who fans out there? Every alien invasion happens in London. Poor guys, they just can't get away from it. Any bad thing that is going to happen to Earth starts in London. The Weeping Angels are the creepiest. We have a stone angel statue in a garden at church, and it creeps me out every time I see it. There's the Adipose,cybermen, the silents and the whisper men. Oh and the snowmen. I'm glad it doesn't snow much in Georgia.

Seattle or should I say Pacific Northwest

I love Seattle. I was born in the Pacific Northwest. I have family there.  That part of our country is beautiful, but there are a werewolves, shape shifters, zombies, Wessen. I would be afraid to go out at night, and definitely not during a full moon. Nope, nada, zippo for the Pacific Northwest.

New Orleans

I think this is a given. Zombies and Vampires people! I've never been to New Orleans. I'm sure it is a very nice place, but the preternatural beings that live in the city will keep it from becoming a residence to me. No living here either.


Godzilla - enough said.

So, I was just about to  be finished with my little diatribe and say we live in a supernaturally safe place when my daughter pipes up and says, "What about the Walking Dead?"


Oh My Gosh! I live near ground zero of the Zombie Apocalypse! Is there no safe place? Where am I going to live now? Well, I guess I'm going to have to put together my Zombie preparation kit, and make a plan. It's a good thing we have a basement.

(Taken at a shopping center near my home.)

"Honey, where did you hide the shotgun?"


  1. The scary thing is that I was next to that truck in traffic the other day. I turned my head, saw the Zombie Response Team written on the side, and did such a fast double take I about broke my neck. LOL And Japan -- you are too funny. But you should also have mentioned Mothra and Gamera. Both in Japan!

  2. Yeah, they go with Godzilla. That truck was at the Publix near my house. It belonged to an employee, but I haven't seen it in a while.