Monday, August 10, 2015

School's Back! Yay!!

School is in and life can get back to my normal chaos. My kids were very busy is summer, more than any other. With all this running around and work I realized something. Sometimes you don't realize how much something is a part of your life until it's gone.

I didn't write much this summer. I didn't get to meet with my writing group. Kids activities and my part-time job kept getting in the way. I'm not one of those parents who overload their kids with activities, but the few things they were involved in really took a toll on my writing time.

I missed it.  I missed letting my imagination go wild and writing down what pops into my brain. I missed my characters' adventures. I missed the friendship and fellowship of the group. They are the best people. I missed the frustration of trying to market my current stories and having to keep up with everything an Indie author has to do. Okay, I didn't miss the marketing that much, but know it's a necessary evil.

We're starting the second week of school. The "getting the kids to school" chaos should be about done and I can get back to my routine. Get to editing. Meet with my friends. Explore with my imagination. Fight the cat for my computer.

It's all good.

I'm excited for my kids and their new adventures at school. My daughter wants to play violin in the orchestra. My son will be putting together a project for the science fair. It's going to be a fun year for all of us.

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