Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Nomad Writer Finds a Home

(Kayelle, this is for you)

Yes, Loki, I should be writing. But where? Where is your writing space? I'm still working on mine. You would think I would have everything already setup, but nope. I've tried. I feel like a nomad in my own house. 

First, I decided to use the guest room for my "office." There is not enough room for a desk, so I bought a tray table for my laptop and tried to write while sitting on the bed. That didn't work. The summers are very uncomfortable on the second floor of my house. It can get to 80 degrees before the air turns on. We stay downstairs most of the time. Cooling a home in Georgia during the summer can be a pain. 

I couldn't seem to find my "groove" while sitting on the bed trying to write. The cats would jump on me wanting attention. Closing the door didn't help. They would scratch on it until I let them in. Then jump on the bed meowing at me, wanting more attention. Good grief! The funny thing is, when I told my children that I needed to work and don't call me unless someone was hurt, bleeding, or dead, they listened. My husband on the other hand.....(I love you honey!) The guest room was out.

From Wikimedia Commons

I thought about the basement. It is cool in the summer. Koko, our Himalayan, loves the basement. I didn't think he would bother me. O.C., short for Oatmeal Cookie, hates the basement and refuses to go there.  But I have two problems. Number one - it's not a finished basement. Number two - spiders (This probably should be the one and only). Yes, I said spiders. I hate spiders. My mother would always feel the need to show me the big web with that big spider right smack-dab in the middle of it. I'd jump, she'd laugh. I'd roll my eyes and walk away. Looking up spider pictures for this post freaked me out. Once, I was working in my basement and a spider crawled out from underneath a box. It was big. It was black. It had red spots. Spider - 1 Lisa - 0. I was done for the day. What if a spider crawled on my laptop while I was working? EEEEEKKKK! Not no, but hell no!

So now, I'm set up in my den. It used to be the dining room, but whoever designed this house must not have had a dining room table. I have put a small desk against the wall between the windows. I can close the door to the kitchen. I've moved some stuff around to create a more open space. I have a white board on the wall to help work out my plot problems. It's all good. I still need to do a little de-cluttering, but I can write here. I like it here. I can look out the window. Set up my speakers to listen to music if I choose. I don't have to untangle myself to get to the bathroom, or deal with spiders. I'm good here.

This is my area. Nothing fancy. The cats have played with the blinds way too often and I have to stop Koko from walking on my laptop. Sixteen pounds of cat is not good for it. But it's my space. And I like it a lot. 

So what does your space look like? What things do you have to have for a comfy cozy writing space? What makes it yours? 

Share your space and Happy Writing!

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  1. Ooh, thank you for the cool Loki pic and the tag. :) I'll have to post one of my own writing spot.